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„no matter what has brought you here, comfort or need, we solve it”


You may offen encounter difficulties in both, business or private life, when things just don’t want to come about, because you may lack time, energy or simply just prefer to relax.

Concierge, personal assistant

This is where our job starts; the lifestyle manager will offer busy professionals help and support in order to make their life easier.

The motivation of setting up this business was to make the best of my 20+ years’ experience and skills gained during my career as a concierge in 4* hotels in Budapest.

These years enabled me to solve problems and comply with requests of business men, families, tourists as well as politicians, members of professional delegations, athletes and teams participating in European and world series events.

Language skills:
  • Hungarian – native, mother tongue
  • Romanian – native level
  • English – advanced business level
  • German – intermediate level
  • French and Italian – basic level , chat

Our business principles:
reliability, swiftness, timeliness, effectiveness and discretion
üzleti szolgáltatás

I graduated from the course „European Public Service and Business Manager” of the Univerity of Applied Sciences, Budapest in 2008.

These courses enhanced my personal and professional skills giving me a more complex view of the business life as well as an inside view of the European Union, its institutions, structure and decision making.

As a result, you can be sure of getting the best services, the best rates and the adherence of a team that is dedicated to help.

 Indulge yourself, your loved ones, impress your existing or future business partners; we offer you a stress-free life, deliver the most suitable solutions for you so you can focus on your most important matters.

We thank you for viewing our website and we look forward to being of your assistance in the future.

Csatlós Csaba
Csaba Csatlós
founder of
Gold Concierge Services